EdoDecides2016: Who is afraid of Godwin Obaseki?

EdoDecides2016: Who is afraid of Godwin Obaseki?

-By Endurance Ihungbe Oboite

With the growing fever of election maneuvering of whom takes over from the comrade governor, Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole, newspapers and social media have become the mediums used by suspecting interest groups to woo delegates and voters. But what is most worrisome is the content and messages of hate been propagated by most of the actors either directly or through their proxies. One name that has continually resonated and has become a subject of attack is Mr. Godwin Obaseki. The attack on him by both his co-aspirants in his party APC and the main opposition party in the state lives much to be desired.

Despite the bashing and opposition to this man, he has preferred to keep the calm and refuse to join issues with his detractors. This singular attribute has drawn the attention of so many rational persons to wanting to know more about him. Could it be that he has more intimidating credentials than the others? Or is it because he is getting more endorsements from key stakeholders in the state? Or could it be that his antecedents’ in the field of economic and finance management in various organizations he has either helped to setup or revived and most importantly needed now in Edo state to stern the growing economic depression in Nigeria their fears?

The heat that has been generated by the preference of Mr. Godwin Obaseki over others by the comrade governor is indeed unnecessary. It does not translate into imposition rather his view that may have stem out of his evaluation of the various aspirants seeking to succeed him. Having been on the driver seat for almost eight years and closely worked with the array of aspirants seeking to succeed him, he knows the capacity and mindsets of all of them. Most importantly also, the comrade governor by the virtue of his position as the governor is also a delegate who have one vote and reserve the right to vote for his preferred candidate in the primary election.

As an observer, it has been observed most recently that family genealogy and history has become a tool for propaganda in the hands of those in my own view are lacking manifestos and laid out plan for the state. I see it as a diversionary tactics to deviate from discussing issues that borders more on Edo state and how to make it work better than it is today. This should not be encouraged as it will not allow for the best amongst the lots to be identified. As aspirants we should be educating the people of our plans for education, employment generation, industrialization of the state, agriculture and the plan for social welfare for the teeming aged and youths of the state.

In conclusion, we must as stakeholders whose common interest is to bring development to Edo state guide against desperation, division of our people with ethnic, religious and family sentiments. God is the giver of power for whom so ever he has anointed to rule Edo state after the comrade governor cannot be stopped.