Ijaw militants bomb more gas pipelines, Navy & Army scramble troops

Ijaw militants bomb more gas pipelines, Navy & Army scramble troops

Full blown hostilities have resumed in the erstwhile restive oil producing Niger Delta region.

Information garnered from Twitter are quite revealing.

A private military contractor specializing in Naval Intelligence and Counter Terrorism/Insurgency and tweeting via the twitter handle @DonKlericuzio wrote:

1/ Nigeria’s Niger-Delta Militants N-DM alleged blew-up 6 Gas pipelines, 1 Crude pipeline & a Flow Station of Chevron in 4 creek in SS Nigeria

2/ The relative peace in Nigeria’s Niger-Delta seem to be coming to an end as former Militant camps are already up & others reactivated

3/ Source said grouse stem from Nigerian government victimization of regions leaders & ex-Warlord Tompolo

4/ Nigeria Navy  Hq says Nigerian Navy Eastern, Central & Logistic commands moving to combat new militancy as sailors & Boats been mustered

5/ Oil & Gas facilities in 3 Creeks Oleh, Sahara & Chanomi has so far been attacked. Nigeria’s Niger Delta has many creeks, islets spanning several kilometers

6/ All passes and leaves of Nigerian soldiers from the 2 Amphibious Battalion and Navy base Warri have been withdrawn as security Is been reinforced at Oil installations, Barges, Rigs, Well heads, Offices and pipelines with an Agusta Helicopter deployed for surveillance

7/ Attacks on Oil well heads, Boat-Houses, Offshore platforms, Major Pipelines & Oil Pumping Stations are expected in the coming days

8/ Ransome Kidnapping of Expatriate Oil workers seem not to be on the table now. Militants said to have a huge war chest.

9/ Nigerian Office of National Security Adviser sources says initial Militants effort are to be targeted at sabotagind Gas supply to Nigeria’s Thermal Power Stations & Industries