Benin Forum Leaders express delight in Oshiomhole


Members of the Benin Forum have expressed their satisfaction with the infrastructural development in Benin City and other parts of the state, saying they are impressed with what the Governor has done.

The leaders who expressed delight at the courageous efforts demonstrated by Governor Oshiomhole to reconstruct abandoned roads and control the menace of perennial erosion in the State capital said they hoped the next Governor will continue in the same stride as the Comrade Governor.

Led on inspection of the ongoing road construction at Upper Siluko-Egor-Channel 55 Road, the Second East Circular Road as well as the storm water control project at Igbinaduwa Street in Benin City, Wednesday, a leader of the Forum, Prof. Dennis Agbonlahor said “the assessment is very clear. We have seen the tremendous work that the Comrade Governor has done. A lot of the work we have seen particularly in this area is under the ground. So, you do not know, and people will not know how much money has been sunk into this massive drainage project. So much has been done, and we are very very impressed.

“We have also seen what used to be the Teachers’ House area that used to be a no-go area. We have seen that it has been tarred right to end of the road at Channel 55 and beyond. If fact, we saw that the road has been tarred even 300 meters after Channel 55. I think it is a wonderful job that has been done so far. The journey continues until the last day in office, we are only hoping that whoever is going to take over from him will continue from where he stops, and even do beyond what Oshiomhole has done. We are so impressed.”

Similarly, the Enogie of Evbobanosa, His Royal Highness, Prof Gregory Akenzua said, “you can see the reaction of the people. You can see how they are cheering the Governor. It is a lot of work, and it has brought relief and happiness to a lot of people. So, we are very grateful to the Governor. I heard one man telling you that some people had died in the erosion here before, but now you can walk from there. We are told that at the end there will be a road on top of those drainages. So, we are very happy.”

Another member of the Forum and Dean of the Faculty of Education, University of Benin, Prof. Lilian Salami said, “It is amazing how much work he has done as revealed on a first-hand experience of the road construction work. Having gone round with Governor Adams Oshiomhole, my impression is that he has done very well.”

At Igbinaduwa Street,  the construction of storm water project was still in progress, and some members of the community who could not hide their joy expressed gratitude to Governor Oshiomhole for the intervention in their community.

Mr. Sunday Obayuwana, a resident of Igbinaduwa Street said, “this road has killed a woman of 24 years. It killed another 21-year-old man. One chief that was coming from the palace was also killed by flood at a road junction here. The man was coming along the road when he fell into a deep gully here and died. But today, Governor Adams Oshiomhole has come to do the road for us and we are very grateful. God will bless him, and there will be no more erosion in this place. Igbinaduwa will now be good for us.”

The leaders of the Benin Forum who accompanied Governor Adams Oshiomhole on the inspection of on-going projects included Chief David Edebiri, the Esogban of Benin Kingdom, Prof (Prince) Gregory Akenzua, Prof. Dennis Agbonlahor, Prof. (Mrs.) Princess  Adesuwa Emovon, Sir. Dan Inneh, Prof (Mrs.) Lilian Salami, Dr. Ikhaguosa Aisien, Sir. Ogbeide Ihama and Prof. Vincent Aghayere.