MUST READ – Osinbajo is no Saint: A Rejoinder

MUST READ – Osinbajo is no Saint: A Rejoinder

Re: Osinbajo is no saint, Consolidating for 2019

A Rejoinder
-By Ustaz Mahmud Jibrin
Osinbajo is no saint, Consolidating for 2019 purportedly written by one Dr. Ismaila Farouk from Zamfara is a very well woven yarn that is as fictitious as they come.

Anyone who has seen the discussions over the article against PYO should be informed that it is in an in-house fight. It has nothing to do with the North.

The name is fictitious obviously, a decoy to give the impression that the fire is coming from the outside, whereas it is from within. And it is going to get even bitter with time.

PMB seems to be suggesting that in case he has to step aside he would be endorsing PYO. There are feelers to that effect. And you know definitely the Bourdillon axis will not take it kindly after all this years of political and monetary investment.

Yes, there may be some northern irredentists waiting on the wings, but surely, they are yet to be activated, because they still believe that PMB will bounce back. It’s only when something happens, perhaps you might begin to see them in action. And the tone will be quite different.

There is this angle which most discussants have failed to explore, which is the most plausible; the feelers on the ground is that its an in-house fight. And it is going get bitter with time.

It is a three way fight involving the geopolitical godfather of the Bourdillon fame, his estranged minions in the cabinet (Fashola and Fayemi) and the Professor who is now trying to find his bearing by leaning on people like Obasanjo, instead of those who “nominated” him.

The author of the piece as you can see is clearly fictitious, a decoy to divert attention from where the fire is coming from.
The idea is to build a discussion around the Acting President in a way that he will be perpetually on the defensive. Now he must talk and whatever he says could easily become a theme for another day. He is caught in the web. His innocence despoiled, against the future permutations.

Just watch the next few days as their social media goons and footsoldiers turn on themselves triangularly, after this Biafra brouhaha subsides.

Grab your Popcorn or some Suya and Masa as we watch events unfold.

Ustaz Mahmud Jibrin writes from the Adamu Augie College of Education, Argungu.