Terrible Army Sex Abuse: Female IDPs demand independent panel

Terrible Army Sex Abuse: Female IDPs demand independent panel

Internally Displaced Persons in Bama, Falori and Banking camps have called for an independent investigation into alleged sexual abuse against them by soldiers and civilian JTF members.

The women had also alleged that they paid money to soldiers and members of the civilian Joint Task Force to get food for their children.

The women under an association, Knifar Movement on Tuesday commended the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai for ordering an investigation into the incident.

They however demanded an independent panel for the investigation.

They said, “In the Bama Camp, we were not allowed to find our own food. If you wanted more food, you had to pay the members of the civilian JTF or soldiers. First, we sold our jewelry. Then, we sold our clothes. When we had nothing left, our young women had to date the members of the civilian JFT and soldiers to feed their children.

“Those in the Maiduguri IDP camp still pay for their medical costs. Last week, one of our group members, Bana Modu, died in the hospital because we did not have money. She died in Maiduguri because nobody gave medicines. On Sunday, we had to sell some of our cooking pots to deposit N3,500 in the hospital and buy N4,000 worth of medicines for others.

“A bowl of food is what the state emergency agency gives four children to share in the Dalori IDP camp. We want the World Food Programme to request food distribution so we can cook. But SEMA says it will cook but it is never enough.

“We are pleased that Buratai takes our complaints serious. Our task is simple; first, release our relatives in military custody. We will share all evidence on sexual abuses. But let this be an independent investigation. The military should not interview us on the allegation of rape by soldiers. We have suffered a lot and we want justice. If Buratai is serious about this investigation, he should ask an independent team. We are still full of fear.”