Let us all calm down now that the Head of Government is back

Let us all calm down now that the Head of Government is back

Yesterday, Senators flexed some three-weeks-of-recess worth of muscle whenthey tried to make Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki Acting President.

The Senator from Abia who initiated the hustle claimed that “the acting president [Professor Yemi Osinbajo] is the person who is at the head of government now, but we have a serious problem in Nigeria today. We have nobody in Nigeria who is at the head of the government…”

He was referring to the fact that the Acting President was out of country. Professor Osinbajo travelled to Ethiopia, Monday through Tuesday to represent Nigeria at the 29th Ordinary summit of the Africa Union where he had to speak about the need to address the root causes of violence and tackle insecurity fast in his capacity as the Chairperson of Peace and Security Council of the AU.

Despite the scare, this morning the Presidency has indirectly calmed things by showing photos of the Acting President chairing the weekly FEC meeting with Ministers.

Although the Aso Rock’s Digital Communications Office has made these posts routine (they post the same thing every Wednesday at the start of the meeting), we have never been this relieved by the update as we are right now, thanks to yesterday’s drama.

The Senators’ concerns were predicated on a (two-day and properly accounted-for) vacuum in government. We hope this comes as close to vacuum-cleaning as they need to rest in peace.